On this page I explain my rules to buy, sell, or exchange stuffs with me.

You want to buy me:

All prices are in Euro €. To convert prices in other currency go to this site, but I accept only payment in Euro.
Refer you to shipping page to calculate total price.

Before send me payment, please contact me to know if stuff is always available, sometimes I don't have time to update site. Items are holding during 2 weeks, if I don't received payment before end of delay, I relist items with available status.

I accept different payments if you don't live in France:
- Bank transfer for all person who live in CE only.
- POSTAL Money Order, only postal, I return other because it's too expensive for me to clear it.
- On line payment via PAYPAL, but you must pay Paypal fees (7% of amount)
- Cash on register air mail letter, it's at your own risk and I'm not responsible if letter was loosen!!!

Sometimes I sale stuff from my collection, if you really wanted a part of my collection, send me your offer.


You want to exchange with me:

Send me mail with list of stuff that interest you and complete description that you want exchange. Please refer you to my Wanted page to know what I desire in priority.


You want to sell me:

I 'm interesting by many stuffs. Please refer you to my Wanted page to know what I want in priority. You could send me your list by mail with prices and currency.
I'm not interesting by CDr, bootleg and fake.