I'm not a die hard collector who wants absolutely to own all stuff about Metallica.
I don't want to have the largest collection.

I want to take pleasure in doing my collection, and I need to select items for my collection.
I'm essentially attracted by promo because they are made in less quantity than other but also by common items for their beauty.

In this section you could view all stuff that I prefer and I hope that some of you would like that begin a collection

Good surfing.



  03/12/06 : Fan Can 5 arrived.
  I have 152 record
I have 206 CD
I have 32 misc
There are 1152 pics from my collection
I need time to finish scan and uplaod all my pics.
All new addition are red during 1 month.
INFO: Detail page of disc
Detail page with pics
Link to disc available for sale