Please visite new website of my metallica collection


Welcome on new version of my web site. Maybe you don't be careful; I changed of URL because I changed of server.

This site is going to change on next months, I'm going to add much content and functionalities.

At this time, I propose you my complete collection with more than 800 pictures on high quality.
My sale list is also complete with many pics and I'm creating my wanted list, it's will be update soon.

I will often update the site.

Ulrich (aka Metfan)

We wanted many picks, if you have some picks for trade or sale please visit this page.

  09/15/07:I test some script for next version. It's possible that the site was unavailable.
  I have 390 stuffs
I wanted 12 stuffs
I sale 76 stuffs
There are 1422 pictures on the site
There are 33 picks on the site
No contest at this time.

Wanted exclusives stuffs???
Click here.